Speededit Max


Speededit Max

I had the incredible pleasure to work with Max in Mexico City again – only a couple of days before christmas AND before his birthday – which is actually today on December 23rd! I hope that the delivery of the edited shots and this little video make this day even more special for him!

Working with models again, makes the experience even more special because you know the other person, you already established trust and a certain relationship and you know how to work together. The second shoot with Max was amazing – we had a specific idea in mind and although none of us really speaks the others language, we somehow got along and got the results I was looking for.

This shot I am editing got both of us really excited when peaking at the back of my camera…it conveys such a serene and calm state of mind – yet displaying the youthfulness Max brings to the table. It was a fairly easy shot to edit, since the base material out of the camera was already so good. Just little skin clean up, some dodging and burning and a little grading to spice up the colors – and done. It took me like 15 minutes in realtime to edit the photo in Lightroom and Photoshop combined and I can’t wait to see his reaction (I guess he is still sleeping in Mexico City while I’m writing this blogpost in Munich – 7 hours ahead of him).

I hope I will see this lovely guy again next year when I’m going to be back in town! Happy birthday Max and Merry Christmas!!!

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