Presenting Jacob & André

Presenting Jacob & André


Presenting Jacob & André

Today - while presenting Jacob & André - I wanna talk a little bit about my history as a photographer and why this relates to my session with those lovely two.

Back in 2012 it took me quite a while and some courage to reach out to my first model. I was intimidated to shoot someone naked - I wasn't sure if I was good at it, if I could make the model feel comfortable, if I got my technical stuff down and even if I would come up with interesting ideas for photos. Today - 6 years later, I have had 60+ sessions with guys from all over the world. I'm pretty confident in what I do and my follower count on Instagram, the feedback I get on other platforms, my customers who buy my art and some magazines and blogs who featured me, give me the good feeling that what I do isn't actually that bad.

But - there has still been one challenge I had to face: to shoot a couple! The same insecurities came up as 6 years ago and I always avoided, getting into the whole couple shooting thing.

When Jacob applied for himself and his boyfriend to shoot with me, I said to myself: "Now is the time - don't whimp out - just try and see if you're gonna like it!" And so I said yes to Jacob and we started planning and gathering ideas.

It took us several months to finally make it happen as these two live up in Maine and the closest I would be able to get to, would be Boston - which is a 3 hour drive away from where they live. So after some attempts that didn't work out, the last time I was in Boston, it actually did work and we met in person, shot amazing images and had a really good time hanging out in Boston!

At this point I want to thank Jacob and André for reaching out to me and letting me embrace my fears - I loved the way I was able to work with these two. It wasn't the first time they had been standing in front of a camera and so I guess, they were less nervous than I was. But we did it. Another lesson learned and another challenge conquered!

I hope you like the shots I'm showing you today. More will be up on my Instagram or their Tumblr! Also check them out on Instagram at @quebecoiscutie and @jacobthadius.

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