Back to Singapore after 6 years


I remember traveling to Singapore on a regular basis until around 2012. Then the destination wasn't an option anymore, until this year it became one again. Being back to Singapore after 6 years was a quite emotional and exciting thing for me - I was curious about how the city had changed, if it still was the vibrant and diverse melting pot of cultures I had in mind and what new additions I would discover.

I knew Singapore fairly well - where to go, what to do, where to eat and hang out and especially where to shoot. So in preparation for this trip, I got all my gear ready and a friend gave me his drone to play with.

Everything came together beautifully: the weekend I was in Singapore, the National Day rehearsals took place at the Marina Bay. The day after, there was a street food festival in Chinatown. The weather was super awesome and I spent time with my coworker David Manara, who is also a photographer and we ended up doing long photowalks and shooting the city and each other.

The pictures I came home with, are a mix of fine art architecure shots, some nice drone shots (and footage I still have to work on), street shots of David and of course some nice urban detail shots and panoramas of Singapore.

It was great to be back in the city for a couple of days - I literally walked until my feet hurt but I was surprised and excited that not much had really changed. Yes - there were some new buildings and some other places I remembered had closed down. But mostly, everything I remember (and what I loved about Singapore) was still there.

Back to Singapore after 6 years

David Manara

I hope you enjoy this little gallery of some shots I took that weekend. Make sure to check out David Manara's website at www.davidmanara.com and show him some love - he shot some portraits of me which I absolutely love and am going to use on social media. He doesn't have an Instagram account yet - but as soon as he does - I'm gonna let you know about it!

All in all I am super happy that I get to go back to Singapore in the future and that there will be more fun times exploring this stunning city, enjoy the delicious food and just chill on the beaches or enjoy the weather.

If you are interested in purchasing a fine art print of the images shown, feel free to contact me at any time. I offer them as prints on museum quality Hahnemühle paper or beind acrylic glass - so you can choose the style that fits your place best.

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