Presenting Eric

Presenting Eric


Presenting Eric

Toronto - compared to other huge metropoles - is definitely a cool city and I enjoy every time when I get to visit. My last trip united me with Eric who is a graphic design student. He reached out via Instagram and we decided to shoot at his downtown apartment that looked promising from the pictures he sent me before the shoot. It's a beautiful and charming little flat with hardwood floors, loads of natural light and cool details and corners that work perfectly for a shoot.

Eric's style and sense for interior design made for a wonderful combination. I wanted to capture some melancholic - maybe a little quirky and sensual images with a certain vintage feel to them...which turned out really great.

Eric has shot with other photographers before - so getting great images was pretty chilled and effortless. Combined with his handsome looks and his fun way, it was a wonderful session and I'd like to present some shots of it here.

As usual - a lot of the editing and grading happened in Photoshop. But this time I gave the images already a certain degree of toning in Lightroom before heading over to Photoshop for the retouching. I was surprised how well this worked and if you are a Lightroom user, you might have seen the recent changes about profiles that have been implemented. I think this way of editing, speeds up the process significantly and makes for some pretty amazing results.

Let me know what you think and make sure, to also follow Eric on Instagram at @eric_dalby. If you want to see more images like these, also follow my account at @ufphotography and share this article!

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