Presenting Rodrigo

Presenting Rodrigo


Presenting Rodrigo

I'm happy to welcome another member to the photographic family: Rodrigo from Mexico! It is always such a pleasure to come across people who have a talent - or like in Rodrigo's case: talents. Apart from being an absolutely handsome guy and totally natural talent in front of the camera, he is also an actor, singer and dancer.

Our session was a wild mix of all sorts of settings - headshots, lifestyle, dance poses and artistic nudes - all of which turned out spectacular! When two creatives get together, the process of creating is so much more rewarding because both parties contribute ideas. And that makes the outcome much more individual than if I were to dictate what will be shot.

Thank you again Rodrigo - I hope I get to work with you again in the future!

If you want to check on his Instagram, head over to and show him some love!

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