UmbertoFederico Designs

Mi nombre es Umberto. Soy diseñador gráfico, diseñador de páginas web, diseñador de interiores, fotógrafo con raíces italianas y alemanas y estoy viviendo en Guatemala.

¡Me gustaría que trabajemos juntos!

Imaginada Magazine

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Imaginada Magazine

I’m finally able to present the first publication I have ever been featured in.The ublisher from Imaginada asked me if she could use some of my work in their latest release and I was more than happy to agree. I am so proud of beeing featured amongst artists like David Uzochukwu whose work I admire deeply and I’ve been a fan of for a long time, Brad Olson and Roberto Inetti.The story is quite surprising because I had never expected such a publication to happen over a comment on Deviantart. Well – you never know who finds your work where and I’m really thankful for that! This should encourage everyone to put themselves out there no matter what. Show your art. Get the word out. Be open for feedback and learn. This can definitely help you become a better artist!If you want to buy the issue, head over to their website and get a digital or printed edition of the magazine.

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