Discovering San Francisco


Discovering San Francisco

It hasn’t been my first time in town but it sure was my first time I REALLY visited town with the eyes of a photographer. I did some research before taking the flight and I made a list of things I wanted to see and shoot. The list became pretty extensive for a 48 hour stay but I wanted to try my best and get it all covered.

During the trip over, I got more suggestions from coworkers and so I started a 2 day stroll through the neighborhoods of this beautiful city. From a hike up to the heights of the Twin Peaks, a quick stop at Alamo Square Park with my friend Andreas, a quick deviation to Chinatown neighborhood to the beautiful (but very chilly) sunset over the downtown area and Alcatraz and of course the other sights of San Francisco viewed from Treasure Island – it was an amazing trip and the weather was just perfect!

If you have more suggestions about places to see in San Francisco, let me know in the comment section below. I’m planning on visiting Sausalitos again since the last time I was there it was winter and really cold. Maybe I’ll even take a boat trip to shoot the Golden Gate Bridge from below or rent a bike and make my way over it. Oh – and of course I would love to visit the beaches!

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