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...Umberto Federico is from Munich (his parents are from Poland and from Italy) often includes an element of fantastical light as they draw interest to the male form. His images emphasize the soft aspect of manhood and his models are often involved with fabric.

Vitruvian Lens

I am happy to announce my third publication for 2014 – Vitruvian Lens! I came across this beautiful photography magazine when visiting a good friend’s and amazing photographer’s website – Michel Gelin.

I didn’t hesitate much and I contacted them to see if they were willing to feature me and my art in an upcoming issue. I had never expected such a quick reaction. The answer came the same day via e-mail and Vitruvian Lenswas more than happy to have me featured in the December issue.

I feel honored to be in an issue with these amazing artists: Grady Harp, marc antonio, Guy Yechiely, Karl Lakolak and Alexey Klimov.

And I’m so proud of my models that made into the magazine – thank you Alex, Damo, Julian, Thomas, Chrisand Felix for believing in me and my visions and following my lead! Without you I wouldn’t have been able to create these photos.

If you want to see all the photos, make sure to order your copy now by clicking the button below!

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