Presenting Miko


Presenting Miko

I’m back from Warsaw/Poland where I spent the weekend with my dear friend Miko. And besides visiting him and the city, we did a shoot because I think he is a very attractive young man. I’m still working on the shots but I wanted to give you a preview on what to expect and I think you’ll be excited.

What I can already tell you is: We shot some stunning natural light photos and he will even be showing some skin…so stay tuned for this amazing series.

Funny fact: my mother is polish - she is from Krakow and to be honest, I never really thought about Poland being my home too - besides Italy. Maybe that's because I never really spent too much time there. In fact - I just visited Poland twice as a child and I didn't really like it - except Krakow which is a beautiful city.

I was surprised about how much I loved Warsaw and I'm sure I will visit this city again - probably in the warmer season. 

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