Visual Artistry Magazine

Visual Artistry Magazine

Christopher Reyes Mangune from Visual Artistry Magazine approached me some time ago because he came across some of my work online. He asked if I was willing to contribute some of my photos to the Nobember issue of the magazine and well – of course I was after I saw what an amazing work these guys are doing!

We first talked about some of my older shots but since I was already working on the completion of my series Love Has No Preference, I asked him if he could wait a couple of days until I was done with the editing. He said yes and so I spent a whole day (after a night shift at work) to edit the photos and get the captions ready for the magazine.

He was amazed by the shots and so it was a last minute call when I sent him the images and the captions on November 1st. Only 5 days later the magazine is out and I couldn’t be happier about how these guys put everything together.

This was actually the 2nd publication to happen over a message on Deviantart.

If you want to buy the issue, head over to their website and get a digital or printed edition of the magazine.

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