The streets of Beijing

I had the wonderful chance to go back to Beijing and to spend 2 days with my dear friend Jacob whom you can see in some of the photos on the right.

He took me to some amazing spots and showed me around „his“ city. Everytime I go back, I’m amazed of how different life is and how this can been seen by just walking around the neighborhoods with an open eye. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the small and beautiful details. These are some of the photos I captured in the streets of Beijing - showing life in this huge metropole. Between tradition and developement, Beijing is a great example of how a city can still keep its heritage while transforming.

Yes - pollution and smog are bad signs of industrialization. But if you look around the corner, you see people who enjoy themselves and thrive a part of the ancient culture that still resides in the small side streets of the Chinese city.

Some of these shots have been featured in an exhibition about urbanity in modern mega cities around the world which I held here in Munich.


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