Toronto & Niagara Falls



Toronto in a day

I traveled to Toronto/Canada for the first time and although I just spent 24 hours in town, I tried to make the most out of it. In deed, after arrival and checking into my hotel room, I got ready and left to drive to the Niagara Falls to spend the evening and shoot some photos. It is a breathtaking view and we really had a great time!

I’m kind of ticking off all these great spots from my “list of places to see before I die” – that list doesn’t really exist…yet – but I might also start putting one together. The Niagara Falls would definitely be on there. Like Machu Picchu (which I already visited twice), the Pyramids of Gizeh, the Victoria Falls, the Amazonas, Hawaii, the Fujiyama in Japan, an active volcano (I don’t really care where it is located – I just want to shoot one) and many more.

Let’s see if I can do all that one day!

Niagara Falls

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