The most beautiful city in the world

I have been pretty busy during the last weeks but a quick trip to Vancouver/Canada made it all worth-while and I had wonderful 2 days in town. Before taking the flight, I didn’t have many ideas or plans for my stay but then that quickly changed and the days got fuller and fuller. I have been to Vancouver a couple of times now and I knew that it was a beautiful city but this visit changed my perspective completely…that’s how amazing it was! The first day started with the traditional Starbucks coffee and a brainstorming session over my beloved banana-walnut-bread. I planned to join some colleagues on a bike tour around Stanley park and over Granville Island. The views were spectacular and the weather was perfect – sunny, not too warm and a light breeze made the ride effortless. Discovering Vancouver by bike is the best way to do it I would say.

After a walk over Granville Island and a ride along False Creek, I returned to my hotel to meet another colleague for a nice walk along Davie Street and an afternoon snack under the sun. Later we walked towards Granville Bridge to breathe in the stunning view over Granville Island and the Burrard Bridge as well as the downtown skyline. After a nice walk through the neighborhoods, we got back to the hotel and I took of to visit the Vancouver Lookout for sunset. I spent almost 2 hours there shooting away and watching the city lights come on and the sun go down. What a spectacular view that was! The next day I originally wanted to relax, jump into the hotel pool and go to the gym but after an offer to visit the Capillano Suspension Bridge and the Cliffwalk, I decided to go and spend the morning in the woods – which was awesome! We took the first shuttle bus up to the bridge and had the park almost to our own for some time. I shot many photos and some of the results are to be found at the end of this article. After getting back, I had a nice lunch and in the afternoon I had to leave to catch my flight back home. I didn’t want to leave but I will be back and I’m sure that Vancouver has still so much more to offer – and I’m going to discover it!

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