UmbertoFederico Designs

Mi nombre es Umberto. Soy diseñador gráfico, diseñador de páginas web, diseñador de interiores, fotógrafo con raíces italianas y alemanas y estoy viviendo en Guatemala.

¡Me gustaría que trabajemos juntos!

Speededit Daniel

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Speededit Daniel

Sometimes happy accidents happen when you set out to shoot something quite different and then you start playing around. This shot was such an accident and it was so much fun turning it into this piece of art.
Originally we wanted to capture this pose on a white seamless backdrop with no frills – clean, simple and elegant (which we did). Once we had the shot of the original idea, I decided to play a little with some color and added a blue gel to my flash. I took the shot, looked at my camera and it was completely dark and blue – not what I had in mind. But I imported the shot anyway and started fiddling with it in Lightroom. It’s only then when I realized how much detail was still available in the shadows and so I decided to give it a shot and try to edit it.
Watch me going from the original file to the RAW converter and finally the retouching and grading in Photoshop in this little timelapse.[/cs_content_seo]