Presenting Humberto


Presenting Humberto

It’s amazing, how many awesome people I meet through Instagram – from all over the world. This time I want you guys to meet Humberto from Mexico City.

Yep, we have the same name…only his is written the Mexican way – imagine how cool this was when we found out. Anyhow – Humberto is a young and very talented Mexican ballet dancer who JUST graduated ballet school in Mexico City (in fact – he graduated the day before we met). I came across his Instagram profile a couple of months ago and saw his great performance shots as well as the lovely and funny private pictures that outline the wonderful personality he has.

When we finally met during my stay in the city a couple of days ago, he was scared that we wouldn’t understand each other (his English isn’t very good and my Spanish neither – at least I thought).

Turns out that my Spanish isn’t too bad and that he does understand some spoken English.

During our online communication we came up with ideas for the shoot. I had something in mind that was related to ballet and the incredible body control that dancers have. It had to be sensual, intimate, erotic and emphasize the outstanding shape Humberto is in. Pinterest is my go to source for inspiration – it’s easy, you can find tons and tons of pictures on there, you can look for related posts and photos if you have one that you like and – you can share it with your customer or model.

Humberto loved the Pinterest board I put together and so we used it as a guideline for ideas. The shoot itself was simply wonderful. We were on the same page from the first moment on and the connection was really great. I think the photos speak for themselves.

Humberto will leave Mexico City soon and move to Guadalajara next year for a role…but I hope and I’m sure our paths will cross again. I wish him all the best for his future and amazing experiences, now that life outside of school starts.

Humberto & Umberto

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