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Not long ago I was approached by the community website Doncel from Mexico which is a website that publishes work of photographers, videographers and artists who paint or draw – all around the cult of man. The publications are beautifully curated and the best artists around the country – and worldwide – show their awesome work in a stylish and well organized place.
I feel honored to be part of this group now and want to thank everyone at Doncel for having me and considering my art.
The article is an hommage to all beautiful Mexican dancers I had the chance and pleasure to work with – off stage, in a humble and intimate environment and setting. I chose 8 models to publish in this one – all of them stunning performers and incredible human beings and friends! Thank you guys for trusting me enough and letting me create these incredible photographies. If you want to read the article and see the pictures in all their glory, head over to Doncel’s website and check it out!

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