Photo by Antoine Janot

Children with Albinism in Senegal

Children with albinism in Senegal

When traveling, the most inspiring experiences are meeting people around the globe that have a story to tell. Like the french/canadian couple Antoine and his wife Mia who I met in Monterrico/Guatemala a couple of weeks ago.

Antoine and I started talking after a fun match of pool volleyball and it didn't take long to find out about their project of building a boarding school for children with albinism in Senegal. Antoine was setting up the crowdfunding campaign and talked to me about the situation in Senegal and how they wanted to help. The project is online now and you can read more about the backgrounds at

Antoine and Mia and the other founders of this project partnered up with The National Association of Albinism in Senegal (ANAS) - more information about the organization can be found on their official website

Antoine and Mia have been on their honeymoon and I want to congratulate them again. As a director and screen writer, Antoine has specialized in short movies and is currently working on his first feature film. It is incredible, what type of people you meet while traveling and I hope that this project will reach the goal before November.

Upon completion, the couple wants to travel to Senegal and start building the school for the children in need. Make sure to support this important campaign and make life for these adorable kids easier by giving them the chance to get the education and the treatment they a safe and comfortable environment!

Antoine took these amazing photos and accepted me sharing them in this article. He was also kind enough to let me take some portraits of him as I think he is a very expressive man. A couple of the shots can be found in the gallery below.