Speededit Tim


Speededit Tim

My work as a photographer is per se a very creative one but what makes the biggest impact to me is when I shoot someone, edit their photos, deliver them and see the reaction. Often I get something like: “Oh my god – I didn’t know I could look that good!” or “Man – you really understand how to get the most out of someone who thought he wasn’t photogenic!”

Well – as a photographer my eye is trained to see differently. I observe closely. I try to find the perfect side of someone. And I enhance someone’s unique features. It’s a bit like sculpting: you take a rock and remove everything until the perfect shape comes to light. It has always been there hidden inside that rock – you just had to unveil it. Now – don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying Tim was a rock before I worked on him. 😀 He is a guy that has edges, the type of men that are a bit on the rough side and not vein at all. That’s when it is even a bigger pleasure to become like a mirror to that person and show them how I as a photographer see them.

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