Shooting "The History Of Art"

I’ve gotten a question from @emiliogomont on Instagram about how to realize this “statuesque” look and I quickly wanted to put up a little how-to article on how I did it with a before and after photo.

When I had this idea, I tried to come up with a concept on how to achieve that look.I considered bodypaint or plaster to do it but it all seemed way too complicated and too expensive. What I did instead was to take a big bottle of cheap body lotion and flour…that’s it. After applying the lotion generously, we kinda threw on the flour (you better do that in a bathtub – it gets quite messy) and tapped it on where it didn’t stick at the first time.

I wasn’t sure it would look the way I wanted it to after the model was covered in flour. You could still see the skin color shine through and the structure of the flour was quite rough in some areas. But we shot a couple of photos and I pulled it into Lightroom and turned it into black and white – voilá! That did the trick. It looked amazing and so we shot all the photos of the series.

After importing them and going into Photoshop, I did some dodging and burning, applied a black and white filter, warmed things up a tad, adjusted the levels and sharpened the image for output. That’s all. 🙂

If you have more questions, let me know down below!

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