Presenting Marco


Presenting Marco

Summer in Munich is still letting us wait but there have been a couple of nice days – and what’s better than heading out to a lake with a camera and shooting in the sun.

Last week I was able to shoot some film with an old analog camera my dad gave me. Since I had some rolls of film laying around, I decided to take the camera with me while spending some quality time with my friend Marco.

It was a pretty spontaneous thing to do but now, when I look at the pictures, I’m more than happy about the results.

In the little gallery below you see a combination of the shots we took at the lake and the studio shots we created some days before with my new Nikon D810.

It was a real treat to work with Marco and despite his lack of experience in front of cameras, he made it amazingly easy and fun to get beautiful results. I always love to shoot with people who don’t know much about photography – the expressions you get are much more authentic and real compared to someone who maybe has worked as a model or in front of a camera before. Thank you Marco for this great experience!

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