Presenting André

Presenting André


Presenting André

I'm back in Guatemala and again - it's a stunning journey with so many amazing and interesting people that show up and are a part of this third journey through the already familiar country.

This time I had the pleasure of shooting with André in Flores. We met through Instagram and found out that we're both passionate about photography and arts. The day before yesterday we headed out in a canoe on the lake Petén to visit a wonderful beach close to the island of Flores. It was already late and a kind of moody day with rain showers every once in a while. But when we left, it was dry and so we took our chances.

We got to the beach right before sunset and quickly started taking advantage of the wonderful light and the serene setting on the pier. The water was so warm - it was a joy to actually be in the water shooting (although I was a bit scared about my gear getting wet). 

After the light had become too dim, we decided to pack up and watch the last sunrays vanish. We began ruddering back when it was already dark and it was quite interesting to see, that it was actually pretty easy to navigate in the dark as the lake reflected the lights of the villages around it. Plus - seeing Flores lit by night from the water was really something special which I hadn't seen before. So all in all it was a great evening with lots of laughter, stunning sights, great photos and even a little excercise.

We both are so proud and happy about these shots - I hope you enjoy them as well!

I hope I get the chance to shoot with André again, as he's such a sweetheart and really photogenic and I have some more ideas that I'd love to realize with him as a model. Stay tuned for more. 🙂

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