UmbertoFederico Designs

Mi nombre es Umberto. Soy diseñador gráfico, diseñador de páginas web, diseñador de interiores, fotógrafo con raíces italianas y alemanas y estoy viviendo en Guatemala.

¡Me gustaría que trabajemos juntos!

Julian Pt. 2

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Julian Part II

I am always very excited and happy when artists ask me to shoot them because usually these shoots are a lot of fun and tend to get very creative because artists who feel comfortable performing in front of crowds, usually aren’t too shy in front of a camera either.
This time I had the chance to shoot with Julian again – maybe you remember my first session with him one year ago. He needed some headshots for his artist’s vita and some creative shots. Here are some of the results we got.JulianJulianJulianJulianUmbertofederico Photography - Portfolio Lifestyle[/cs_content_seo]