Back from Tokyo


Back from Tokyo

Tokyo is a city that is really hard to describe. More than 30 million people live there. It is vast, busy, incredibly crowded but stunning and fascinating at the same time.

This was my first stay in the center of the city (I usually stood in Makuhari which is a quite remote district). The possibilities were endless: you could walk out of the hotel and within walking distance you could find a great park, the famous city hall and the Shinjuku station. Only a few stops away is Harajuku with the crazy Takeshita road and one stop further Shibuiawith its huge crossings.

I spent the 2.5 days in town to shoot, to discover new things and to talk to the amazing Mario Aurich who is a professional photographer. We headed out for a day of shooting and I couldn’t stop asking him questions over questions. I definitely learned a lot and I hope that there will be a sequel.

I’m going to edit the rest of the photos during the next days but here is an amazing shot I took from my hotel room during sunset.

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