Streets of Peru


The streets of Peru

Peru is a wonderful country – colorful, diverse and the people are very friendly and open towards visitors.

There’s things to discover everywhere you go and look. The busy vendors on the streets, the markets, the people sitting at corners relaxing…it’s a photographers Mekka.

I have visited Peru twice – the first time back in 2011 and three years later in 2014. I spent 3 and 4 weeks there always travelling around with a backpack and letting my mood tell me where to go. I had no plans, no itinerary, no real direction. But both times the journey was a wonderful series of lucky coincidences, meetups with amazing people and the sight of a magnificent country.

I could go on and on with stories about this marvelous country and one day maybe I will post an in depth article about my journey there. In the meantime – here are some impressions of the Peruvian lifestyle.

Humberto & Umberto

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