Shoot for travel

I travel a lot for work and I combine it and work with guys all over the world to create nude photographic art. However - there is many places people would like to work with me, I don't get to go to.

If you live in a location that's not covered in my application form, you can type it in this form - and depending on the amount of requests I get for this location, I might be able to travel to your city with your help.

The idea is to shoot you in exchange for a small amount of money to cover my travel costs. If enough people of the same city chip in, I can make a trip and we can work together!


Number Of Persons

5 - 6

5-6 people is going to be the maximum I can shoot in one week - given that every model has around 2-3 hours of time and a location to shoot in (outdoors is also an option).

Price Per Person

from 75€

Depending on the location and the amount of people that cut in, the price could vary. Talk to some friends and get them to also apply below - so everyone wins. 😀

Travel & Accommodation

Bed & Breakfast

I'm happy crashing on your couch or in a room for a couple of nights - I don't need a fancy hotel room. As long as it's clean, I'm happy. And if you'd cook me a meal or invite me out, I would be totally down for that. 🙂

What You Get

25 Photos

I usually charge way more for a session with much less images in return. But I don't do this to earn a lot of money - I do it for the experience and to give back for giving me the chance to visit your country.

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