Presenting Juho

Presenting Juho

Guys - Juho, Juho - the guys! It is a pleasure to finally be presenting Juho to you. He is from Helsinki and a real sweetheart - besides being stunningly handsome and an absolute charm to work with.

We've connected through Instagram over a year ago and it tool equally as long to finally get together and work on some amazing shots. The funny thing is, that we kind of already worked together before...remotely. I always wanted to try a remote shooting session - basically directing the shoot while the model takes the pictures. With Juho we tried this and it worked - the shots turned out great although it was a bit of a hassle and we couldn't shoot many pictures. The second time we tried this, we took it a step further: we hooked up his camera to his computer, installed a controller, I connected to his computer via Teamviewer and actually remote-controlled his camera while he could focus on posing and looking good (which isn't hard to do if you look anything like him). The pictures got a little more elaborate and again - the results were amazing.

This time around though, we finally met in person, had a stunning session in Helsinki and came up with over 400 shots. Thanks again Juho - it was a real treat to work with you and I hope we can do that again in the future!

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the shots. We can't show all of them here - but check his Instagram and my Onlyfans for uncensored shots of this beautiful young man!

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