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Mi nombre es Umberto. Soy diseñador gráfico, diseñador de páginas web, diseñador de interiores, fotógrafo con raíces italianas y alemanas y estoy viviendo en Guatemala.

¡Me gustaría que trabajemos juntos!

Presenting Eduardo

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Presenting Eduardo

Mexico City is becoming more and more one of my favourite spots for shooting…word of mouth spreads fast and more and more guys are reaching out to me to work together – mostly dancers which is awesome!
Eduardo is one of them and we finally managed to get together to take some stunning shots. He is such a sweetheart and makes you laugh non stop. It was really fun to shoot and I hope we get the chance again in the future!
Take a look at a small selection of shots we took. More pictures can be found in my newly released photo book “Second Life”. Check it out!

Second Life – The BookEduardoG-9088EduardoG-9074EduardoG-9065EduardoG-8958EduardoG-8914[/cs_content_seo]