Olympus Photography Playground

Today I was at the Olympus Photography Playground in Munich. Dominic asked me if I’d like to join him and so we went.The OPP is a exhibition/interactive installation that let’s you shoot some pretty cool pictures. It’s completely free and totally worth a visit. Only bring your camera and tripod or rent an Olympus System Camera at the OPP for free. After taking it back before you leave you even get the 4 GB SD card with your pictures for free…

I think this is a pretty cool concept and they came up with cool effects and a neat light show you can use to light paint a subject – in my case I “used” Dominic as my subject. The photos you see below are really all photographs. I didn’t add any graphics in post – just the regular postprocessing in Lightroom and Photoshop (sharpening, toning, etc.).

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