My Art Project 2020

Humberto & Umberto

My Art Project 2020

2019 is almost over and it has been an exciting, yet challenging year full of new experiences, new people, new ideas and new visuals. And although I have been a bit lazy updating my website, I can promise that there's a lot coming up in the next weeks.

Today I  wanted to let you know about an upcoming erotic art project that I will shoot material for in 2020. Its name is "Fallus" as you might have guessed from the teaser photo. I did already start promoting the project on social media and I have already gotten some participants for it.

However - I need way more people to make this project come to life. I'm talking about 100+ "models" and I invite you to join, if you're interested.

Due to its erotic nature, I won't go into detail in such a public blogpost but if you're a male and between 18 and 32 years old, maybe you might be interested in participating.

I will be shooting for this project in Munich as well as in some other locations around the globe.

I created a dedicated website and application form at umberto with a list of cities I'm going to shoot at besides Munich in Germany. If you're interested, head over to the contact section and let me know. I will then provide you with the password for the page so you can check out the details and apply for it if you feel like contributing.

The detailed project description will be published later in 2020 when we reach the completion date. I believe it will be epic and I can't wait to see how it turns out!