High Above

I always dream about going up buildings and shooting down onto marvelous cityscapes right before sunset – but up until now I never really had the opportunity to do so. I’m not one of these guys who risks everything and goes beyond the fences to restricted areas just to get a shot. Maybe I’m just too much of a chicken for that…BUT: I know how to talk to people and so this time I thought, I’d just ask. Well – guess what…I got the access I was looking for and it wasn’t even hard. We’re talking Mexico City here and who visited this city, knows how enormous and vast it is.

After being told what I can and what I can’t do up there, I set up and started shooting away for 1.5 hours – from daylight right into sunset til after dark. To be honest – I felt like a child running up and down the platform (well – the heliport that is) trying to get the best shot from every angle. But only after the sun had gone down and the city lights came on, the real magic happened. I can’t describe how happy I felt to witness all that and looking at the photos right now after being done with editing, I still can’t believe it. It was like a rush and I’m planning on talking to people more in the future. Maybe I can experience more of these moments and I feel really blessed to be able to do such things. Thanks again to Eduardo who made sure I stayed safe up there and the guys who made this possible (who I’m not gonna mention here).

Humberto & Umberto

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