Humberto Rojas & Umberto Federico

El arte une a las personas

Art unites people

It has been an incredible honor and pleasure to work with Humberto again. You might remember, that we already worked together in December of 2016 in Mexico City. Since then a lot has happened in either of our lives – Humberto had been in Guadalajara working and dancing for the Teatro de Jalisco for about 6 months and I have been traveling the world and spending 1.5 months in Guatemala in February this year. How much more of a pleasure it was, to come back to Mexico City and meet him again! We spent a day in the Bosque de Chapultepec and some other locations to come up with some new ideas and spend time together to get up to speed on whats next for both of us.

Humberto is about to leave the city very soon for another 2 months – he is going to take an offer in Tijuana with a dance company. After that, he will be moving to Ecuador permanently as it looks…which made this the last chance for us, to work together. I know that we will see each other sometime in the future – but none of us knows when and where this will be. It is a bit sad and as much as Im happy for him and wish him all the best for his career as a professional ballet dancer, I´m also sad that I`m not going to see him again so soon.


I`m amazed by how art unites people from all over the world. Instagram had a big part in this – it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you do – there`s a high probability that if you really put your head to it, you will be able to meet up and create some amazing stuff. It is the arts that make both of us strive for perfection, for more, for the ultimate way of expressing ourselves. Mine is photography because I can express so many things through one shot. His way is the dance and it is incredible to watch him use this way of expressing his feelings and emotions – although I have never see him dance live.

However – over the next weeks, Im going to edit the photos we shot and Im going to be releasing them as soon as I can. As part of a new type of video series, heres a little something we shot and I put together on the fly while still in Mexico City.

Humberto & Umberto

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