UmbertoFederico Designs

Mi nombre es Umberto. Soy diseñador gráfico, diseñador de páginas web, diseñador de interiores, fotógrafo con raíces italianas y alemanas y estoy viviendo en Guatemala.

¡Me gustaría que trabajemos juntos!


Mexico City
  • Date
  • enero 12, 2016


I always dream about going up buildings and shooting down onto marvelous cityscapes right before sunset – but up until now I never really had the opportunity to do so…

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  • Date
  • septiembre 28, 2015


After a couple of really exhausting months, it was finally time for me to take a couple of days off and do some traveling. I remembered a trip I did 2 years ago and since it was awesome the first time, I decided to go back…

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