VIP Coffee Tour in Antigua

Last week I had the honour to be invited to a vip coffee tour in Antigua Guatemala by Julio from @paralelo14coffee. It was a first test for a new coffee tour concept with a slightly different objective than the already very popular coffee producer tour that Julio offers where you meet a coffee farmer and experience the process of producing coffee from start to finish.

Back to Singapore after 6 years

Back to Singapore after 6 years

I remember traveling to Singapore on a regular basis until around 2012. Then the destination wasn’t an option anymore, until this year it became one again.

Do what you love

This year I went back to Guatemala – mainly because I fell in love with this country three years ago when I visited it for the first time – and because I wanted to find the answer to one question.

Der Bodensee und seine Weine

Der Sommer in diesem Jahr ist durchaus hinnehmbar – zumindest hier im Süden von Deutschland. Also packte ich kurzerhand die Campingausrüstung ein und machte mich auf den Weg, ein paar Tage am Bodensee zu verbringen.

Guatemala 2017 – A Recap

One year later, after another 6 weeks and countless beautiful memories, here I am: back home, reminiscing, missing and remembering

Up close an active volcano

I’m primarily a photographer and not a hiker or climber…I don’t enjoy hiking up mountains and it’s a challenge every time.

Laguna Lachuá – Pristine Beauty

When you have some time to spare during a vacation, and you have already seen the major sights of a country, you get inventive and…you check Youtube for inspiration.

El Mirador – the almost forgotten city

Ever heard about El Mirador in Guatemala? You might not if you’re not so much into forgotten Mayan cities in Central America – but you should consider going because it’s an insane experience!

Brazil – a picture redrawn

8 years ago I visited Sao Paulo in Brazil for the first time and to be honest – I didn’t like it. At all. I didn’t feel safe, I spent almost all my time there in or around the hotel and so I decided, not to go back.