My Art Project 2020

Today I wanted to let you know about an upcoming erotic art project that I will shoot material for in 2020. Its name is “Fallus” as you might have guessed from the teaser photo. I did already start promoting the project on social media and I have already gotten some participants for it.

Casa Federico Guatemala

I am excited to talk to you about a new project that has already started here in Guatemala: building a container home!

The One-Room-Challenge

was in Mexico City a couple of weeks ago and did 4 shoots in 3 days – all in the same location which was my hotel room. How I made the best of what I had, is the topic of this little blogpost and I call it the “One-Room-Challenge”.

The Ethics Of Photo Editing

From time to time I get into this discussion – mostly with people on social media. It’s about the ethics of photo editing in photography and whether or not it is legitimate to edit photos and/or how much you should edit a photo.

Humberto Rojas & Umberto Federico

El arte une a las personas

It has been an incredible honor and pleasure to work with Humberto again. You might remember, that we already worked together in December of 2016 in Mexico City. Since then a lot has happened in either of our lives

Urbane Kunst

Gestern war ich mit einem guten Freund in München unterwegs und durfte mir zwei wirklich coole Locations ansehen. Der erste Besuch galt der Ausstellung “Magic City”


Today I was at the Olympus Photography Playground in Munich. Dominic asked me if I’d like to join him and so we went…

Lisa Smith

How Instagram can connect people

Yes – social media is called like that for a reason. It gives you the chance to share your stuff or interact with stuff other people put online…

Julian Pt. 2

I am always very excited and happy when artists ask me to shoot them because usually these shoots are a lot of fun